CALPIRG is a student-directed and student-funded nonprofit. We work to defend the environment, protect public health, and promote civic engagement. We have been active for over 45 years and have accomplished a lot, including working to increase federal financial aid by $36 billion, helping to ban plastic grocery bags in California, getting the University of California campuses to switch to 100% clean electricity and make plans to eliminate single use plastics! This fall, our New Voters Project worked with 763 new interns from over 14 college campuses from the UC’s, to private schools to the CSUs. helped 10,000 students register to vote!!

The Spring we’re focused on tackling Global Warming! We need to stop using dirty energy like oil and gas and switch to renewable energy like solar and wind. So CALPIRG is calling on Governor Newsom to commit our state to 100% clean electricity by 2030! It won’t be easy- oil and gas have spent millions lobbying. But after the record-setting wildfires this year it’s clear we need to act now.

The best way you can support this campaign is by becoming a member of CALPIRG joining our monthly giving program. 

The reason we’re so effective is because over 30,000 students, friends, family members, and supporters at college campuses across the state decide to join our statewide organization by giving small ongoing gifts. This gives us the political power, staff training, and resources to win big campaigns.

The most important thing is to give as generously as you can!

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