California’s ocean and coastline are in trouble. Oil drilling, overfishing, and insufficient protections place the health of this critical marine environment at risk through wetland destruction, deaths of marine animals, destruction of our ecosystems, and weakens our fight against climate change.  In 2021, our ocean fell victim to yet another oil spill off the coast of Orange County that resulted in wetland destruction and the deaths of marine animals. We need to ensure protection of a large amount of California’s land and coastal areas in order to protect biodiversity and to help fight against the growing climate crisis.

We’re calling on Governor Newsom to instruct his state agencies to commit to fully protecting 30% of our oceans by March 2023.

In order to ensure this protection of California areas, more action needs to be done to make sure that these areas are preserved and prevented from further destruction and degradation. We’re working with students, coalition partners, and stakeholders like marine experts, families, celebrities, and indigenous groups, to create a public voice that will embolden Governor Newsom to continue California’s strong environmental leadership by calling on his state agencies to go all of the way and fully protect 30% our oceans by March 2023. 

CALPIRG holds a press event with State Senator Tori Atkins (front, 2nd from right) to celebrate California’s Marine Protected Area network