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We are the UC Berkeley’s premier student public interest activism group and has been since 1972. We work to protect the environment, provide hunger relief, and promote civic engagement.

Our CALPIRG chapter works with professional staff on campus to educate the public, run grassroots campaigns, and lobby our elected officials in Sacramento and in Washington DC so we can get real results.

The thing that makes us effective is that we are funded by the student body through a the CALPIRG voluntary pledge fee. Thanks so much to those of you who pay the fee and if you haven’t yet make sure to pledge CALPIRG.

We offer opportunities for you to become an intern or volunteer, where you can learn a variety of skills while really making a difference. By joining CALPIRG Students, you can see how easy it is to get involved in a large movement for social change.

Student Leadership:

Nicole Haynes // Chapter Chair and Plastic-Free Seas Coordinator

Nicole Haynes is a senior studying sustainable design and minoring in city planning. For the past year, Nicole has been coordinating CALPIRG’s Plastic-Free Seas Campaign where they’ve worked to pass a monumental Foodware Ordinance in the City of Berkeley, created UC Berkeley’s student-led Zero Waste Coalition, and got both their Senator and Assemblymember to co-author two unprecedented state plastic bills. She is now also taking on the role of Chapter Chair this year and couldn’t be more excited to make CALPIRG Students the strongest grassroots organizing nonprofit at UC Berkeley!

Mika Yoneda // Vice Chair and Zero Hunger Campaign Coordinator

Mika Yoneda is a third year English major and Public Policy minor at UC Berkeley. As the Statewide Secretary for CALPIRG Students, Mika believes that prioritizing students’ basic needs is integral to their success, whether that be in classes, in their personal lives, or even while making social change. Mika is excited to continue to grow the passionate team of activists on campus and to make social change in Berkeley and across the state!

Charlie Lea // New Voters Project Campaign Coordinator

Charlie Lea is a third year Political Science Major and Public Policy Minor at UC Berkeley. Charlie has a background in political advocacy, field organizing, and political consulting. Charlie believes that youth voter turnout is the key to winning solid victories on a variety of public interest issues including, the environment, consumer protection, and workers rights legislation. Charlie is committed to implementing institutional programs that make voting easy, accessible, and wide spread on campus, local, and statewide levels.

Taylor Rein // Save the Bees Campaign Coordinator

Taylor Rein is a second-year environmental science student with a passion for buzzing insects. At home, he tended a small fruit orchard and recognized the fundamental relationship that pollinators have with our food supply. He is working this semester on winning a UC Berkeley Campus-wide initiative to become a bee-friendly space with facilities management and the office of sustainability. One of his major goals for the semester is to attain a bee-friendly commitment in the city of Berkeley and promote green spaces in areas that are otherwise devoid of life. He envisions a world in which all people, creatures, and plants coexist without placing any one in danger of extinction. He hopes for a greener and healthier future for a society where everyone can enjoy the gifts life has to offer us, regardless of class, ethnic background, or status.

Peyton White // 100% Clean Transit Campaign Coordinator

Peyton White is a second year Society and Environment Major and Public Policy minor. Peyton has been working on environmental issues since she began high school and has worked in different communities she has been a part of to implement efficient waste sorting systems and educate her peers about the importance of environmental awareness. Peyton believes that sustainability contributes to almost every facet of our lives. From the economy to human rights, we cannot make progress as a broader community if we do not all play a role in coexisting with and for our shared environment. Clean energy is one of the most wide-reaching contributors to a healthy future for the planet and a safer future for everyone living here.

Tessa Stapp // Treasurer and Social Media Coordinator

Tessa Stapp is a second-year Political Science major with intentions to minor in Race and the Law. She’s also assisting Mika Yoneda in running the Zero Hunger campaign this year. While all of the campaigns are focused on important issues, she believes that through focusing her efforts on student food insecurity, it is possible to empower others in our community to become activists too. Tessa looks forward to getting more inspired individuals involved in the great fight to improve our world, and can’t wait to create positive change on campus.

Inès Robo // Communications Director and Plastic Free Seas Assistant Coordinator

Inès is a second-year student majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy and minoring in Education. She joined CALPIRG because of her interest in environmental justice. She spent last semester working on the Plastic-Free Seas Campaign as the events intern. After meeting so many engaged and driven students through CALPIRG, she decided to come back as Communications Director and Plastic-Free Seas Assistant Campaign Coordinator this semester!

Annie Mitchell // Secretary and Plastic Free Seas Assistant Coordinator

Annie Mitchell is a second year Society and Environment major at UC Berkeley. She has a deep passion for environmental justice and political advocacy which is demonstrated in her work for CALPIRG. As Assistant Coordinator for the Plastic-Free Seas campaign and Secretary of CALPIRG, Annie is eager and excited to focus her passion into meaningful work alongside like-minded individuals!

Treeanna Brownfield // New Voters Project Primary Get-out-the-Vote Coordinator

Treeanna Brownfield is a second year in the College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley. She started in the Plastic Free Seas campaign and moved on to be the coordinator of the Save the Bees Campaign. She is looking forward to working on the New Voters Campaign this semester to work towards the institutionalization of voting on the Berkeley campus before the 2020 elections.

Ananya Raghavan // Save the Bees Campaign Coordinator

Ananya is a second year majoring in Society and Environment and hoping to double with Data Science. She is excited to work on raising awareness about pollinators, their importance and protecting them. She has always been passionate about working on conserving the natural world, and would like to work towards a world where people and the natural world coexist sustainably.

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