UCLA Fall 2021 Newsletter

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As the end of fall quarter approaches, I wanted to share with you the social change we’ve made this quarter.

We started off the fall by reaching out to the campus community to get them involved in our campaign to fight climate change. We recruited 80 students to take on leadership and attend our first big meeting of the year!

We also started the quarter with a victory! After a year-long campaign, in partnership with other organizations across Los Angeles, Los Angeles County voted unanimously to phase out oil drilling in Los Angeles County!

Our priority campaign this term was to fight climate change by working to get the Governor to commit to clean energy.

Working with the team we recruited, we collected over 2500 petitions from students on campus. Then we launched into our pledge drive to fund our chapter for the long-term so we can continue making social change. We signed up 1200 new dues-paying members to support our work on student issues!

After our pledge drive, we held a clean energy parade on campus to show how excited young people are about clean energy! We walked through campus with electric carts, scooters, and food delivery robots to showcase clean transportation and build support for electric vehicles in LA.

We also worked on other important issues – here are a few highlights:

  • Raised over $1200 for the LA food bank during Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week
  • Lobbied the LA County Board of Supervisors to get better electric vehicle infrastructure in LA
  • Collected over 80 letters from students calling to end oil drilling in California
  • Joined the Chancellor’s fireside chat to talk about how we can better engage campus civically

Thank you for your support of our program, have a happy and safe holiday season!

Radha Patel
UCLA Chapter Chair
CALPIRG Students