CALPIRG Holds Week of Action, Solar Concert and Sacramento Lobby Day in support of 100% Clean Energy in CA

Press Release

CALPIRG Students, a student activism group with a chapter at UC San Diego, has organized a huge week of action this week in support of 100% clean energy in California. The week of action includes a massive petition drive to generate 5,000 petitions in support of clean energy legislation, a solar-powered concert featuring UCSD talent, and a Lobby Day in Sacramento with 100 students from across the state. 

The week of action is aimed at working to pass SB 100 (De Leon), state legislation that would commit California to 100% clean energy by 2045, doubling our current commitment.  Concerned with the environmental future of the state and rollbacks at the federal level, CALPIRG here at UCSD launched this effort to tackle climate change and move California to a clean energy future.

“We’re the first generation to experience the impacts of climate change, and we want to do something about it” said Sophie Haddad, Vice Chapter Chair of CALPIRG at UC San Diego. “SB 100 is the visionary action we need California to take to combat climate change and move towards a sustainable future.  And we need to make sure student’s voices are heard in the effort to pass this historic legislation.” 

“The climate science is clear: we need to get to 100 percent renewable energy, and we can,” said Kol Chaiken, Chapter Chair of CALPIRG at UCSD. “The first step is to make a commitment. Companies like Google and Facebook and cities including San Diego and Santa Barbara have all made the commit for 100% renewable energy.  But getting the entire state of California to make the commitment would send a message to the country and the word that clean energy is truly the future.”

CALPIRG launched the effort to pass SB 100 in January. Since then they have educated nearly 10,000 students about the issue in classrooms, collected 5,200 petitions, signed on 50 student organization leaders in support, generated phone calls and tweets at elected officials, and held several educational and media events like a solar-powered smoothie giveaway.

“We’ve spend about two months building support, and now it’s time to go to Sacramento and lobby our elected officials to do the right thing for our future,” said Chaiken.

CALPIRG at UCSD is joining CALPIRG Students chapters from across the state for this clean energ Lobby Day. 100 students are currently signed up to attend.

In addition to the Lobby Day, the UCSD chapter is held a solar concert on campus today to educate students on this issue and demonstrate support for clean energy.

“The aim of the solar concert is to educate the study body about the effort for 100% clean energy and the effective power of clean energy, and to show our elected officials the excitement and enthusiasm students have for protecting the environment having a clean energy future,” said Haddad

Acamazing, the DJ Club, and Dancesport performed member of Associated students spoke to show their support.