CALPIRG at UC San Diego

We meet every Monday at 8pm in the Blue Pepper Lounge in the Old Student Center 

Campus Organizer: Megan Bart

Our UC San Diego chapter is working this spring to pass a referendum in support of the continuation of CALPIRG Students at UCSD. Read more about the UCSD CALPIRG Students Referendum. 

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If you have questions about our CALPIRG pledge system, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page or email 

We are UC San Diego's premier student public interest activsm group, and have been since 1978.

We work to protect the environment, make college more affordable, and promote civic engagment. We are focused on getting real results. 

Most recently we helped to pass the statewide plastic bag ban, increase in federal finance aid by $36 billion, and convince the town of La Jolla to stop using bee-killing pesticides. 

We offer opportunities for you to become an intern or volunteer, where you can learn a variety of skills while really making a difference. By joining CALPIRG Students, you can see how easy it is to get involved in a large movement for social change.

This year, we're working on...

  • Pushing UCSD and the state of CA to commit to getting 100% of our energy from clean sources 
  • Working to get San Diego to commit to being a bee friendly city and banning the use of pesticides that kill bees 
  • Fighting campus food insecurity 
  • Making textbooks more affordbale 
  • Helping students register to vote
  • Helping to stop global warming and protect our state by banning fracking 

Students' support can go a long way

The thing that makes us so effective is that 10% of UCSD students pledge to pay $10 on their bill every quarter to fund CALPIRG Students. When we share our resources, we can stand up to powerful opposition that generate enough profit to influence lawmakers in their favor with ease. Students' contributions help us make students’ voices just as influential, allowing us to hire our own professional staff to train students to run effective campaigns as well as advocate in Sacramento and Washington DC full time on our behalf. 

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