Renewable Energy 100: The Course to a Carbon-Free Campus

America’s colleges and universities are positioned to lead the transition to 100 percent renewable energy, according to a report released today by Environment America Research & Policy Center. The report stresses that a complete shift to clean, renewable energy is the best way for colleges and universities to achieve their carbon reduction goals and highlights schools across the country that are taking measures to make the transition to renewable energy.

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Hunger on Campus

Food insecurity – the lack of reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food – is common at colleges and universities across the country, potentially undermining the educational success of untold thousands of students.

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The growth of cost-saving alternatives like used textbooks and free, openly-licensed educational resources have forced publishers to reassess their business and shift toward a new model: access codes.

Report | Student PIRGs | Textbooks


A new report investigating the real impact of high textbook prices on today’s college students.

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CarMax Sales Practices Endangers Lives in California

California has adopted some of the most effective laws in the nation aimed at reducing vehicle crashes, including many that focus on driver behavior. In addition, the state licenses and regulates auto dealers who sell motor vehicles to the public, and has adopted laws to ensure that the cars they sell are safe for operation on the roads. Car buyers have a reasonable expectation that the cars they purchase from licensed, regulated dealers are safe to drive. Dealers who violate those laws face sanctions ranging from fines and civil penalties to punitive damages and possible suspension or loss of their license to do business in the state.

Despite those laws, this report finds that CarMax, the nation’s largest retailer of used cars, is selling many unsafe, unrepaired recalled vehicles in California that are hazardous not only to the people who buy CarMax cars, but also to their families, other motorists, bike riders, and pedestrians.

CALPIRG Education Fund and the Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS) Foundation reached this conclusion based on research into CarMax’s sales practices in California, compiling data from two locations, one in Southern California (Ox- nard), and the other in Northern California (South Sacramento). 


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