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FY18 Open Textbooks Program Appropriation an Important Step for College Students

Today, Congress introduced its budget omnibus bill for the 2018 fiscal year, in which appropriators set aside $5 million for a program to lower textbook costs for students.

Student Government Leaders Unite in Call for Federal Open Textbook Grant Program

Student government leaders of the undersigned colleges and universities write to Congress on the urgent need to address the skyrocketing price of textbooks, and a request to create a national open textbook pilot grants program in the FY18 appropriations bill.

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Students from Across State Converge at the Capitol to Protect the Environmental Future of California

Motivated by a concern for the state’s environmental future and rollbacks at the federal level, 100  students from CALPIRG, the California Student Public Interest Research Group chapters converged in Sacramento for their Annual Lobby Day.

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CALPIRG Holds Week of Action, Solar Concert and Sacramento Lobby Day in support of 100% Clean Energy in CA

CALPIRG Students at UCSD organized a huge week of action in support of 100% clean energy in California. The effort included a massive petition drive to generate 5,000 petitions in support of clean energy legislation, a solar-powered concert featuring UCSD talent, and a Lobby Day in Sacramento with 100 students from across the state. 

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Common Lip Products Contain Chemicals of Concern

Wondering what lip balm or lipstick to wear for Valentine's Day? Check out our guide on toxic chemicals in lip products before you decide!


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