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CALPIRG Energy Service Corp encourages students to make energy pledges

As a joint collaboration between California Public Interest Research Group and AmeriCorps, the CALPIRG Energy Service Corp is focused on getting students engaged, involved and educated about energy conservation, preservation and efficient energy use.

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Pushing The Ballot

Representatives from UC Irvine administration, ASUCI and CALPIRG kicked off Welcome Week last Tuesday by announcing their cooperative campaign to have at least 7,000 students registered to vote by this fall’s elections.

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ASUCD and CALPIRG hold voter registration drive on campus

With the national presidential elections in November quickly approaching, ASUCD and California Public Interest Group (CALPIRG) have joined forces to promote and facilitate voter registration among UC Davis undergraduates with AggiesVote.

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Students at UCSD Register to Vote Online

CALPIRG, the California New Americans Vote Campaign, and the University of California Student Association are coming together this Fall to ask students across the San Diego area to register to vote online. These groups are appearing on San Diego campuses and neighborhoods with their newly developed online registration tool that is linked to the California Secretary of State’s database.

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Voter registration rally held on Sproul Tuesday

A voter registration drive and rally near Sather Gate on Tuesday aimed to publicize California’s new online voter registration system and to register new voters.


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