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Lori Wallace

DAVIS (CBS13) – Greek fraternities in Davis are going green getting an energy update. They’re partnering with the city of Davis and saving money.

A new campaign is in its first steps at the Sigma Nu fraternity house in Davis.
“We are switching out light bulbs, filling in cracks in the walls,” said a Donna Fibraid, CALPIRG campus coordinator.
CALPIRG Energy Services is teaming up with the Greeks at UC Davis.
“Putting less pollution in the air, contributing less to global warming and leaving our carbon footprint a lot smaller as a whole,” said a Fibraid.
Sigma Nu is the first fraternity to go green.
“We try not to stick with what’s comfortable and push the boundary,” said Eric Amemieya, Sigma Nu member.
They started with their water heater. The insulation blanket is making it more energy-efficient.
“We’re definitely going to see a lot of savings on their energy bills,” said Fibraid.
The goal is to get all the Greeks equally green and partner with the city and each other to conserve energy.
“I think it’s really going to open the eyes of the fraternity brothers to do more energy-efficient practices,” said Fibraid.
Once the fraternity houses are all caught up, the sorority houses at are next in line for the program.

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