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Students at UC Davis gathered to celebrate the marriage of Chevron and Monsanto Thursday as part of their campaign to remind Congress that corporations are not people.

The event, hosted by CALPIRG UC Davis, was in response to the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision where the Court decided that as "persons," corporations have a right to spend freely to influence elections.

"A corporation is not and never will be a person. They cannot vote, cannot be born or die and certainly cannot marry. Why should they now have the same right as a person to influence an election," said Dial Hoang, who acted as the officiant of the mock-marriage.

The mock marriage was part of a national effort to draw attention to the Supreme Court's ruling and advocate for a constitutional amendment limiting corporations influence on elections.

In addition to marriages, students are gathering petition signatures and asking the California Legislature to pass SB 52, known as the DISCLOSE Act, which would alleviate the effects of Citizens United by mandating clear and prominent disclosure of who is behind political advertisements and would stop special interest committees from hiding behind fake committee names by requiring political advertisements to show the top three largest actual contributors "In the wake of the Supreme Court's misguided ruling, we need our leaders to stand up for democracy and ensure the floodgates to corporate money close again," said Hoang.

CALPIRG Students, the California Student Public Interest Research Group, is a student directed nonprofit, non-partisan public interest advocacy organization that takes on interests on behalf of its members.

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