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California has the highest number of identity theft complaints in the nation, and the average cost to victims is skyrocketing.

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The New York Times

Given the history of shady dealings between banks and colleges, Congress needs to take a hard look at the increasingly common practice of schools contracting with banks to disburse financial aiddollars to students.

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The Daily Californian

With six days left before Congress makes a decision on the doubling ofstudent loan interest rates, President Barack Obama and college students around the country continue to push for congressional action to stop the increase.

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Time Magazine

Thought the student loan crisis was bad as it is? Now add hefty fees into that mix. Providers say students can avoid the fees that pile up when they elect to receive their financial aid on a debit card, but new research from a consumer advocacy group finds that these companies throw up roadblocks to keep the fee revenue rolling in, even as colleges make big bucks off their affiliations with these institutions.

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