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After Wall Street practices brought down the entire U.S. and parts of the world economies, Congress finally stepped up in July 2010 and created the CALPIRG Students-backed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a new agency that will act as a counterbalance to the banks and ensure that the credit cards, mortgages, and student loans that consumers use are safe and easy to understand. When you have a complaint about a bank or credit card company, you can call on the new CFPB.

Our economy needs to be fair to consumers in order to function. While a company may make a short-term profit from ripping off consumers or putting an unsafe product on the market, it's not good for anyone in the long term. 

Our consumer program works to protect consumers by:

  • Alerting the publice to hidden dangers, scams, and unsafe products
  • Educating consumers about the choices available by conducting price surveys of various products and services available to students in an effort to allow them to the make the best choices for themselves.
  • Educating consumers about their rights in the marketplace by producing consumer guides to help people navigate the marketplace.
  • Advocating for change by working to build the support it takes to pass consumer protection legislation in our states and in D.C.

As students, we're particularly vulnerable to some specific consumer issues:

Issue updates

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Common Lip Products Contain Chemicals of Concern

Wondering what lip balm or lipstick to wear for Valentine's Day? Check out our guide on toxic chemicals in lip products before you decide!

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Report | US PIRG | Consumer Protection

Kiss Off

US PIRG's consumer guide on lip products to avoid this Valentine's Day and safe alternatives that don't contain toxic chemicals. 

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CarMax Sales Practices Endangers Lives in California

California has adopted some of the most effective laws in the nation aimed at reducing vehicle crashes, including many that focus on driver behavior. In addition, the state licenses and regulates auto dealers who sell motor vehicles to the public, and has adopted laws to ensure that the cars they sell are safe for operation on the roads.

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Local groups demand greater food producer responsibility

Local groups and students in Davis are pushing for greater food producer and consumer rights, according to the recent lobbying and education efforts of both the California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) and the newly initiated Fair Trade Club on campus.

Among the topics being discussed by these Davis organizations, the three issues of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) food labeling, the overuse of antibiotics in animals intended for human consumption and an increased presence of Fair Trade Certified food products in stores are the most prominent.

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