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It's Our Turn!

When we turn 18, we have a voice in our community that we’ve never had before. We get to go to the voting booth and help decide the direction our country goes. And yes: It’s important. But, it’s also pretty cool!

But where do you register? Where do you go to vote?

At a time when we have more technology in our pockets than they had when they landed on the moon, why does voting seem so complicated? That’s exactly what the New Voters Project is all about — we’re here on campus and we help cut through the clutter of voting, so you can make your voice heard on issues that matter to you:

Just imagine the way you want the future to be:

  • A strong, stable economy where everyone has access to work;
  • Air and water that you feel confident is clean and safe;
  • Affordable higher education so students don’t have to graduate in debt;
  • And neighborhoods that are safe for you and your family.

That world you’re imagining — we will never get there if we let everyone but us decide.

November 8 is Election Day, and it’s our turn.

Our newly elected leaders will have a big impact on what our country does for the environment, money in politics, affordable education, and more, so there is no more important time to make our voice heard.

There are whole generations invested — literally invested — in the status quo. But we’re not. More than any other generation, we have the power. We’re the largest, most diverse generation alive right now, and voting on Election Day is the first step in making sure our elected officials take the issues we care about into account.

So put this in your mind right now: “It’s our turn.”

On campus this fall, there will be volunteers at every corner to help you cut through the clutter of voting: get you registered, help you figure out where to go and what to do, and tell you more about the issues at stake. Together, we can show those who seek to represent us that we are paying attention. Our generation is active, involved, and ready to participate in the decisions that impact our community. So mark your calendar now for November 8. It’s time to turn the tide, and show decision-makers that they should look to us for answers, because — truth be told — our generation is already imagining and creating a lot of them.

Together, we can push our country in the right direction. We just need to show up.

Issue updates

Blog Post | Democracy, New Voters Project

Last Day to Register to Vote Online

The good news is you can register or update your voter registration entirely online if you have a California I.D. so it's fast and easy to register to vote.

And you definitely don't want to miss the deadline. On June 3rd, Californians everywhere will be voting in the open primary on their top picks to be their next state legislators and members of Congress. You can vote for your top choices for candidates for office even if you don't belong to a political party.

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Blog Post | New Voters Project


[check out tumblr for more updates from around the country]

Young voter enthusiasm and lines to vote grew on college campuses over the course of the day. .

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News Release | New Voters Project

Local Youth Vote Campaigns Launch Final Push To Get Out The Vote At Campuses Throughout the State

Using on-the-ground and on-line strategies, campaign volunteers are reaching out to their peers in classrooms, on computers and campus quads and urging them to cast a ballot. 

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Media Hit | New Voters Project

Campus groups plan to erect tents, help point student voters to polling stations

Following a collaborative campaign to register and educate UC Berkeley students to vote in Tuesday’s election, campus organizations are now making a final effort to ensure that students know where to cast their votes.

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Blog Post | Democracy, New Voters Project

Over 28,000

On Monday we dropped off our last voter registration form with the county registrar before the deadline. With 12 days until Election Day, I'm incredibly proud of what we've accomplished so far.

*    Over 28,000 California students have registered to vote or updated their voter registration with CALPIRG's New Voters Project
*    Over 800 students put in 4,000 volunteer hours to help make sure everyone on campus had the opportunity to register to vote.
*    All told, almost 40,000 California students have committed to voting on November 6th.

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