CALPIRG Students UC San Diego Referendum

Our UC San Diego chapter is working this spring to pass a referendum in support of the continuation of CALPIRG Students at UCSD.

CALPIRG Students is a student-directed, student-funded activism organization on campus that works to protect the environment, make college more affordable, and promote civic engagment. We’ve been at UC San Diego since 1978 and have accomplished a lot, including recently helping to pass the statewide plastic bag ban, increase in federal finance aid by $36 billion, and convince the town of La Jolla to stop using bee-killing pesticides.

CALPIRG Students is effective because we are funded through the pledge system at UCSD, whereby students can voluntarily contribute to CALPIRG via Student Business Services.  This funding system gives us the resources to hire professional staff, who work full-time with students to run campaigns and raise our voices with elected officials in Sacramento and Washington, DC. 

The CALPIRG Students referendum reaffirms this funding system at UCSD so we can continue to be an effective force for social change. Now more than ever, our society needs a group like CALPIRG Students that helps harness the energy of young people and trains students to have an impact on the most pressing real world issues affecting our generation.

Do you attend UCSD? Here are some things to know!

  • Voting YES will continue CALPIRG Students at UCSD so we can continue our efforts to tackle global warming, making textbooks more affordable, and register young people to vote.
  • Voting YES will continue the pledge system, whereby students can opt into funding our program. If you’ve already pledged CALPIRG, you still need to vote yes to continue the program.
  • Voting YES does not charge you the CALPIRG fee – voting yes indicates your support for the system and allows students to continue to choose to pledge CALPIRG in the future so the program can continue.

Consequences of voting no

  • The CALPIRG chapter at UCSD will no longer exist as students will no longer be able to contribute financially to fund CALPIRG on campus.
  • CALPIRG will no longer be able to hire professional staff, including the full-time campus organizer who works here at UCSD training students on campaign skills, including building coalitions, running petition drives, organizing press conferences and working with the media, and lobbying elected officials.
  • UCSD will lose an effective program that fosters civic engagement and has been making social change in the community for 40 years

Vote YES to give students the opportunity to contribute to issues they care about and make a difference in their community.


Vote YES on Tritonlink, April 9-13th!


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