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Tell us your student debt story and we'll deliver it to the US Department of Education in Anaheim, CA next week.

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36 Hours to Win $2500!


How did you cover the cost of textbooks? Did you get a second job? Did you sell your car?

Tell us how you cover the cost of your textbooks each semester. Make it funny, make it touching - just make it - and enter to win a $2,500 textbook scholarship!  

Weekend Conference a Success!


This weekend about 80 CALPIRG staff and student volunteers from across the state met at UCLA for a day of training, campaign planning, and a phone bank to turn out the youth vote on November 4th. Many thanks to Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz for being a guest speaker!

Last Chance: Register to Vote


Click here to register to vote.

This Monday October 20th is the LAST DAY to register to vote in California -- your registration form must be postmarked on Monday (or before) in order to vote in this November’s election.  If you need to register for the first time or have moved since you last registered, click here to register to vote. It’s easy!

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