Students thank Gov. Jerry Brown for signing California’s 100% clean electricity bill into law

Press Release

SACRAMENTO – California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the landmark Senate Bill 100 (SB 100) today, setting California on a path to generate 100 percent of its electricity from renewable and zero-carbon sources such as solar and wind by 2045.

Sophie Haddad, Chairperson for CALPIRG Students, the statewide student organization that mobilized thousands of students in support of SB100 and won a clean electricity commitment from the University of California, released the following statement:

“Students across the state are thrilled to hear that Governor Brown continues to lead California down a path that will ensure a healthy climate for our generation.

There is no doubt the threat of climate is real and it is happening. This year in California we may see 1 million acres burn from wildfires that are getting worse due to climate change. And in San Diego where I go to school Scripts scientists have recorded the warmest ocean temperatures to date. Climate change is here and we are the first generation that has to live our lives with the impacts, and we are the last generation that has a chance to do something about it. So for the past two years we have been working to bring 100% clean energy to our campuses, our city and our state. Our state legislators and Governor had a chance to make a real impact on this problem by passing SB 100 and today they acted to create a better future for all of us.

SB 100 is a promise to my generation that we can have a healthier, greener, and more meaningful future. If the world’s fifth-biggest economy can transition to clean electricity, so can other states and cities, putting the United States back on the world map as a climate leader. Leaders around the globe who will soon participate in the Climate Action Summit can look to California as example to follow.

Students know what is at stake. And as the leaders of tomorrow we are so proud of our leaders today for taking action to create the healthier world we want to inherit.”