100 Student Leaders in Support of SB 100 for 100% Clean Energy

Press Release

100 student leaders from colleges across the state are urging the California State Assembly to pass SB 100 for 100% clean electricity by 2045. The students are leaders of a wide range of student organizations including student government, political and professional organizations, and cultural and social groups.

They have come together from UCs, CSUs, and other schools across the state to sign onto a letter delivered to members of the state Assembly saying that they want a clean energy future.

 “We’re the first generation to experience the impacts of climate change, and we want to do something about it” said Jamie Kennerk, junior at UCLA and Chair of CALPIRG Students. “SB 100 is the visionary action we need California to take to combat climate change and move towards a sustainable future.”

Jamie’s organization, CALPIRG Students, has worked to build support for SB 100 since last spring. The statewide organization has educated students in classrooms, collected over 8,000 petitions, and held two lobby days with dozens of students at the Capitol.

SB 100, authored by Senate Pro Tem Kevin De Leon, would accelerate the current renewable portfolio standard to 50% by the end of 2026, 60% by 2030, and then set a goal for the state to get to 100% clean, zero-carbon, renewable electricity by 2045.

“California has vast renewable energy resources – enough to meet our needs many times over,” said Rigel Robinson, External Affairs Vice President for the Associated Students of UC Berkeley. “Renewable energy is good for our health, safety, and is becoming more and more affordable. Between 2009 and 2014, the cost of solar electricity in the United States fell by 78 percent and the cost of wind energy dropped 58 percent. This is the future.”

Robinson is making the effort for 100% clean energy at the state and campus level one of his top priorities this year through his role in student government.

In addition to UC Berkeley, student governments across the state are also standing in support of 100% clean energy. The University of California Student Association and the Associated Students of the University of California on seven campuses passed resolutions in support of 100% clean energy.

Students from cultural organizations, environmental organizations, and professional groups have also signed on.

Alexandra Hansen from the Native American Student Alliance at UC San Diego stands in support of SB 100.

“Indigenous peoples rely on the health and wellbeing of their environment,” said Hansen.  “It is crucial to both their mental and physical state that air remains clean and conductive to health living. Clean air is precious and should be protected for the sake of native life, native youth, and the generations to come. Protect our air and protect our people.”

The legislature has until the end of this week to pass SB 100 and then it heads to the Governor’s desk. Students are working hard to build support in these final days and then will gear up to call on the Governor to sign the bill.


Additional Quotes from student leaders

Riley Kuffner runs a group at UCLA called Bruins Home Solutions that is decided to 100% sustainable homes and competes annually in the US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. “The world needs a sustainable energy infrastructure at the foundation of our rapid development,” said Riley Kuffner. “This bill is an opportunity for California to step up as a global leader and pave the way.”

Savannah Sprague is the president of UC Riverside’s Tomorrow’s Teachers in Science and Mathematics (TTSM).”Renewable energy is how we can save our world for future generations and we need to start now by educating our students” said  Sprague.

John Allas is the Vice President of Alpha Omega, a professional Jewish dental fraternity “God saw all he made and said it was good. We can allow the Earth to flourish or let it be destroyed and we need to make the right choice. Who are we to make bad what God saw as good,” said Allas.