CALPIRG at UC Riverside

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Campus Organizer: Julia McLaughlin
Phone: 781-696-4310

The CALPIRG chapter was started by students at UCR in 2005 to stand up for the public on issues we all agree on. Over the past decade, we have fought for cheaper textbooks, to protect our environment and to raise the voices of young people in our democracy.

We have been able to get real results for the public thanks to the thousands of students who pledge CALPIRG. By pitching in a few dollars on the GROWL account, we pool together enough money to hire our own staff of advocates, organizers and researchers to give UCR students, along with students across the state, a voice on the issues that affect us all.

Right now we're working on campaigns to...

  • Get to 100% renewable energy
  • Save the bees from toxic pesticides
  • Make textbooks afforable
  • Save federal student aid programs
  • Fight hunger and homelessness

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