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Uncovered: How California’s health care system fails young people.

Young people, including college students, are on the front lines of the health care crisis. This report explores the under-appreciated problems facing California's youth in our health care system.

Report | CALPIRG | Consumer Protection

Working Too Hard to Make the Grade

How fewer work hours and more financial aid can help California community college students succeed.

The Three Trillion Dollar Question: What Health Care Reform Can Save For Families, Businesses and Taxpayers

Without health care reform, the United States is projected to spend over $40 trillion on health care in the next decade. Experts estimate that thirty percent of that spending – up to $12 trillion dollars – will be wasted on ineffective care, pointless red tape, and counterproductive treatments that can actually harm patients.

The Small Business Dilemma: How Rising Health Care Costs are Tough on Small Business

Three hundred and forty-three small business owners and managers across the country made their views heard through a survey which investigated the impact of health care costs on their businesses.

Report | CALPIRG | Consumer Protection

Saving Dollars, Saving Democracy - Cost Savings for Local Elections Officials Through Voter Registration Modernization

Millions are being wasted due to antiquated voter registration systems and procedures. U.S. PIRG Education Fund’s survey of 100 counties showed that over $33,467,910.00 of public money was spent on simple registration implementation and error-correction issues in 2008. The Fund finds that a more streamlined and automatic system linking existing databases with the state voter rolls could free up significant resources at the local level.


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