Report | CALPIRG | Consumer Protection

Building a Better Health Care Marketplace

California needs a strong, pro-consumer exchange that lives up to its promise of a better marketplace.

Risking Our Future Middle Class

Young Americans face “lasting damage” from the dual crises in the financial sector and in personal finance, making it urgent that Congress pass strong financial reform legislation.

Report | CALPIRG | Transit

Road Work Ahead: Holding Government Accountable for Fixing America's Crumbling Roads and Bridges

To fix our roads and bridges, America first must fix our transportation policies. To counteract the tendencies to neglect repair and maintenance, we must adopt strong “fix-it first” rules that give priority to maintenance of our existing roads and bridges, set national goals for the condition of our transportation system, and hold state governments accountable for achieving results.

Report | CALPIRG | Transit

The Right Track: Building a 21st Century High-Speed Rail System for America

The new report analyzes the potential of high speed rail in nine different regions, including the California, and presents eleven public-interest recommendations for how to spend high speed rail investments in the future. According to data cited in the report, reduced air and car travel mean large pollution reductions and oil savings for the state. It is estimated that the network will reduce global warming pollution by up to 12 billion pounds of carbon dioxide a year by 2030, the equivalent of taking almost one million cars off the road, and improve air quality in all regions. Get

Report | Student PIRGs, Demos, United States Student Association | Higher Ed

Subpriming Our Students

New Briefing Paper Says College Students Need Consumer Financial Protection Agency to ‘Watchdog’ Risky Loans.


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