Local Youth Vote Campaigns Launch Final Push To Get Out The Vote At Campuses Throughout the State

What: With a lot of issues affecting young voters at stake on Election Day, a coalition of student organizations are launching a final campaign push using proven tactics to mobilize young voters to the polls. CALPIRG student chapter volunteers helped register more than 17,000 students to vote using paper registration forms, and helped another 30,000 students access online voter registration. Now, using on-the-ground and on-line strategies, campaign volunteers are reaching out to their peers in classrooms, on computers and campus quads and urging them to cast a ballot. 

Below is a list of events where you can find these students on their campuses tomorrow: 

UC Davis:                  

Who: CALPIRG Student Chapter and ASUCD
When: Tuesday, 11 am - 2 pm
Where: Memorial Union, UC Davis 
Visuals: “Gunrock” – the UC Davis Aggies mascot and student volunteers in red “VOTE” t-shirts, contacting their peers to vote   
Local Contact: Donna Farvard, 

UC Berkeley:

Who: CALPIRG Student Chapter, ASUC, other groups in the UC Berkeley Vote Coalition
When: Tuesday, 9-5pm
Where: Sproul Plaza; We’ll also have Poll Rockers to answer questions and help people vote at the polling places in Unit 1 as well as the other most popular polling locations
Visuals: Student dressed up as a “Text-a-saurus,” urging people to call and text their friends to go vote, and other students in bright red “VOTE” t-shirts
Local Contact: Dylan Clark, (760)

UC Santa Barbara:

Who:                Voter Registration Volunteer Coalition, UCSB CALPIRG Students chapter
When:              November 6th, 2012, 9am-8pm
Where:             Santa Rosa Lawn, UCSB campus
Visuals:            Students with faces painted like American flags will get students to sign a huge “I’m Voting” banner and call and text their friends to remind them to vote. There will be candy and music and student volunteers.
Local Contact: Kat Lockwood, 625-5428

UC Los Angeles:

When: 11/6, 10am-8pm
Where: Bruin Walk and the Hill
Visuals: Big posters and props for people to sign to pledge to vote, volunteers in red & white voting shirts, patriotic costumes
Local Contact: Vincent Kaje Hennerty, 323-821-3001

UC Riverside:

Who: CALPIRG Student Chapter, ASUCR, Mi Familia Vota, Voto Latino, CHASS Senators
When: Election Day, 12pm - 8pm
Where: Bell Tower in Central Campus and at all Four Polling locations at Campus Entrances
Visuals: Patriotic Face-Painting, Students dressed up as “Votebots,” (GOTV robots) urging their peers to vote 
Local Contact: Stephanie Cordrero, 713-9824

UC Irvine: 

Who: Esther Mealy, CALPIRG New Voters Project Coordinator and Andrea Gaspar, ASUCI External Vice President 
When: November 6, 2012, 12 noon
Where: Ring Road, Student Center
Visuals: Students wearing “I Voted” Moustaches, a large 8-foot wall with a giant “Have you voted” Moustache, Student dressed up in a “Votebot” costume 
Local Contact: Manny Rin,

UC San Diego:

Who: CALPIRG Student Chapter
When: November 6th, 2012, 11am 
Where: UCSD: Sun God Lawn (Muir College), 9450 Gilman Dr, La Jolla CA 92092
Visuals: Giant wooden replica of the Sun God statue and a huge vote banner, which students are signing in chalk.  Wooden cut-out of the United States to which students are attaching pledges vote.  “Moustache your vote” sign with free “I voted” moustaches being handed out and volunteers dressed up in 1920s costumes. 
Local Contact: Liza Baskir, 591-7979

San Diego State:   

Who: CALPIRG Student Chapter, K.O. Dance Team, The Vocal Vixens, SDSU Ambassadors, and Ezinne Ofoegbu
When: November 5th 2012, 12pm
Where: In front of Hepner Hall on Campanile walkway
Visuals: Associated Students tent, white board banner and student “Votebot” – student dressed up as a robot urging their peers to vote 
Local Contact: Mariza Lockhart, (310)


CALPIRG, the California Public Interest Research Group, is a non-profit, non-partisan public interest organization. Visit us at

The Student PIRGs’ New Voters Project is one of the largest on the ground, non-partisan young voter mobilization campaigns in the country.  Over the past 25 years, we have helped to register more than 1.7 million young people and make millions of personal get out the vote reminders.  In 2012, the campaign will target 75 campuses in 17 states with intensive youth vote campaigns that will leverage proven on the ground and online peer-to-peer techniques to turn out young voters.