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New Account Fraud

The California Public Interest Research Group has released a new report on identity theft that should raise some eyebrows. Pulling together statistics from the High Technology Theft Apprehension and Prosecution program, the Federal Trade Commission, Javelin Strategy and Research, and other credible sources, CALPIRG paints an increasingly bleak picture concerning financial identity theft. Of greatest interest to your Guide was the information on new account fraud.

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Congress votes to keep student loan interest rate from doubling

Just two days before the student loan interest rate was scheduled to double, Congress passed a measure that includes maintaining the current 3.4 percent loan interest rate for more than 7 million students.

Financial loss from identity theft increasing, report says

Fewer people were victims of identity theft last year than in 2010, but each person lost substantially more money, according to a new report by the California Public Interest Research Group.

Californians Facing New Identity Theft Threats Study Says

California has the highest number of identity theft complaints in the nation, and the average cost to victims is skyrocketing.

Media Hit | Higher Ed, Student Debt

Obama, students push Congress to prevent student loan interest rate increase

With six days left before Congress makes a decision on the doubling ofstudent loan interest rates, President Barack Obama and college students around the country continue to push for congressional action to stop the increase.


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