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How students are engaging textbook companies in a duel against high prices, and winning

Before entering the classroom of an intro-level economics course, students get a real-life experience with the subject — the required textbook costs $290 on Amazon.

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Blog Post | Textbooks

Textbook Prices = Outrageous! | Ethan Senack

Our recent Twitter action #textbookbroke was seen by almost 300,000 people. Textbook prices were written about hundreds of times in newspapers and other major media outlets around the country this year – including the Today Show! And dozens of schools around the country have kicked off pilot programs that will save students billions in textbook prices.

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Report | U.S. PIRG Education Fund and the Student PIRGs | Higher Ed, Textbooks

Fixing the Broken Textbook Market

This study demonstrates that despite recent steps forward in the marketplace, high textbook costs will continue to be a problem for students unless the cost of high-priced, new editions of college textbooks comes down.

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News Release | Student PIRGs | Textbooks

College Textbooks: Latest Trends and How to Save Money This Fall

As students across the country prepare to return to campus this fall, textbooks remain one of the priciest items on their shopping lists. However, several new developments suggest the textbooks market may be reaching a turning point. 

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