California Water Watch

We are in the worst drought in California's history.

Essential to almost every aspect of our lives, water is California’s most precious resource. Despite its importance, however, our water supply is severely strained. This year California faces the worst drought in our history, and our Governor has instituted mandatory water cuts. The best way to tackle our water shortage is to use less of it. Students can help lead the way to hit these conservation goals!

Seven tips to save water in the drought

  • Use the washing machine for full loads only
  • Wash dark clothes in cold water. This saves water and energy, and helps clothes retain their color
  • When washing dishes by hand, don’t let the water run. Fill one basin with was water and the other with rinse water
  • Take 5 minute showers instead of 10 minute showers
  • Turn the water off when brushing or shaving
  • Turn off the water while washing your hair
  • When washing your hands, turn off the water while you lather

Take Action on Campus to Conserve Water!

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America’s colleges and universities are positioned to lead the transition to 100 percent renewable energy, according to a report released today by Environment America Research & Policy Center. The report stresses that a complete shift to clean, renewable energy is the best way for colleges and universities to achieve their carbon reduction goals and highlights schools across the country that are taking measures to make the transition to renewable energy.

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CALPIRG Students is holding our Winter Lobby Conference next weekend in Davis and Sacramento. We're bringing students from across the state together for dicussions and trainings on organizing skills to make an impact on our campaigns to push for more clean energy, fight hunger, and promote democracy. The weekend is following by a Lobby Day in Sacramento were we'll get a chance to meet with state legislators and their staff on our current camapigns. 

March 4th-6th. 
University of California, Davis 


Saturday March 4th

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