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As a society we are still overwhelmingly dependent on fossil fuels to power our homes, our cars, businesses, schools and the rest of our world.  In 2013 only about 20% of California’s electricity came from clean renewable energy. That means 80% of our electricity came from dirty, dangerous sources. Gas extraction is dirty and polluting and the burning of all this fossil fuel causes smog and global warming.

Global warming is the biggest threat for our generation. We are already seeing some of the impacts of a changing climate; we are living right now in the worst drought in California history, wildfires are getting worse every year, and we are seeing more extreme weather events, like hurricanes and superstorms. As sea levels rise and crops can no longer grow, the costs will be enormous. Inaction is no longer an option. We have to stop dependence on fossil fuels.

Solution: Tap into the power of the sun! Every hour the sun radiates more energy onto the earth than the entire human population uses in one year. By capturing some of this energy we can eliminate our need for fossil fuels and move to a safe, cheap, clean and renewable source of energy to power our future. California already leads the US in solar power production, but consensus is that we have barely scratched the surface of our solar potential. We know that using this free power source depends on having the policies that encourage changing our infrastructure to support solar usage. We already use

Opposition: Utility companies, now funded by the Koch brothers, have launched a national effort to unravel the progress we have already made towards solar power. In particular they are pressuring states and cities to eliminate the policies that allow solar power to flourish.

If we want to keep moving closer to 100% renewable energy, we need a proactive ground campaign to continue to build support and implement policies that will work to expand solar and build up local champs to defend our solar future.

Our goal is to get cities across California to “Go Solar” by committing to ambitious solar goals and implementing policies to go solar.

A recent report by Environment America, “Shining Cities” shows that the cities leading the way with solar development have taken proactive steps to make solar a simple affordable option for all residents. We can work with Environment California staff experts to narrow down these policies into ten simple steps cities can take to ‘Go Solar”. We then work to get our city to adopt these local solar policies. This will make it easier for more people to go solar quicker across the state and help us develop more solar champions to defend solar in the future. Many city council members go on to run for other political office, so we will be building champions for the long run too.

In most of our community there are city council leaders who do care about tackling this problem and would love to champion a good solar policy initiative for their city.

We will work to identify solar leaders in the city council to support  “City Go Solar”.

Solar is very popular (92% of voters in a national poll supported policies to expand solar power), so once we have the leaders, we just need to create opportunities for them to lead on the issue. We will do this by showing them the strong public support from campuses, the local business community and neighborhoods.

We need volunteers to help organize visible events on campus that demonstrate the popularity of solar and build the momentume we need to win. Most campuses are already planning solar powered rock concerts, solar powered dance parties and solar powered smoothie events on campus. Get Involved today to help make sure we win!

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