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Check out some of what we’ve accomplished together:

Protecting our oceans by banning plastic grocery bags statewide: Close to 10,000 UCSB students and Santa Barbara community members signed petitions to ban bags in Santa Barabara County over three years and last year we won. Including Santa Barbara, over 110 cities or counties have already banned bags, and just this past August, the CA legislature voted to ban bags statewide.  The law will go into effect in 2016 and is one step in the right direction for reducing plastic pollution and protecting marine life.

Winning our Million Clean Cars campaign: Cars are one of California’s largest sources of global warming pollution.  We collected thousands of public comments and lobbied the state legislature to pass the Charge Ahead California Initiative, which would put a million electric vehicles on the road over the next ten years.  You might have seen our clean car show on campus, highlighting how awesome electric cars are.  This past August, Governor Brown signed that bill into law!

Helping thousands of students get out to vote: When you use your vote, we raise our voice.  This year we helped thousands of students statewide register to vote in the mid-term election.  But even if students are registered, sometimes they forget to actually vote.  So we made two thousand reminder phone calls to students, reminding them to get out and cast their ballot on election day.

Working to solve global warming through solar power: We have to get more of our energy from clean, renewable sources if we want to avoid the worst impacts of global warming. Fortunately, we have lots of clean energy in California - we’re one of the sunniest places on earth.  So we’re working to get cities across the state to adopt ambitious solar policies, including right here in Santa Barbara.  This fall, we hosted a press conference with Assemblymember Das Williams talking about the need for increased solar energy in the region.  We’ll be continuing to focus on this in 2015.

Whether it’s supporting a more sustainable California, working to get big money out of politics, or educating students about reducing water usage to alleviate the drought - we are only successful because of student support and participation.

With the combination of your continued support and our professional staff advocating on our behalf, we will keep making a big difference on the issues that matter to students.

We look forward to what 2015 will bring! 

Happy New Year and thanks again from all of us,

Heather Goold, Chapter Chair
Rob Holland, Board Chair
Rebeca Estrada, Vice-Chair
Tiffany Yee, Water Campaign Coordinator
Zoe Brown, Antibiotic Overuse Campaign Coordinator