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Our Lobby Day was a huge success!

By Tonina Bellante
Assistant Organizing Director

As you may know, we’ve been working this quarter to ban the dirty and dangerous energy source that is fracking and get our campuses and state to commit to getting 100% of our energy from clean, renewable sources. We’ve been focused on building support and people power on our campuses and in just a few months we have educated 35,000 students on clean energy issues and collected 7800 petitions to ban fracking and 4800 petitions encouraging out campuses to go 100% clean.

This Monday, we took those petitions and 70 students to the Capitol in Sacramento. We held 43 lobby meetings with our state legislators, showing our support for clean energy and asking them to pass a bill that would commit out state to leading the way on clean energy. We also handed out nearly 100 solar-powered smoothies and where featured in a news story by KCRA Sacramento.

We’re excited that many of the legislators we met with were supportive of the move to more clean energy, but we also know they will be lobbied heavily by dirty energy companies, so we need to keep the energy up.