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Quick update: We did it!

At 2pm today we turned in 20,000 signatures, collected in just 3 weeks, to the county elections office.

This quarter we joined up with a huge coalition of environmental groups to ban fracking in Santa Barbara County. We needed to collect 20,000 petition signatures to qualify an initiative for the November ballot, and we did it. Now Santa Barbara county residents can vote in November to ban fracking!

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This Earth Day help California become a leader in the fight against global warming.

Ask the California Senate to Charge Ahead with a new Million Clean Cars program to cut our number one source of global warming pollution, cars and trucks.

Sign the petition here for a Million Clean Cars!

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Avoid the Debt Trap!


As college students we are new to managing money, and that makes us vulnerable to the misleading practices of banks. Confusing, deceptive practices from banks and financial institutions can lead to sky-high debt and financial crisis in the short term, and impact our financial health for years to come. Make sure that you have the tools to protect yourself and manage the basics of personal finance by getting our online guide to Avoid the Debt Trap!

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CALPIRG heads to the Capitol


On Monday I went to the Capitol with CALPIRG students from across the state; check out the photos here.

We held 57 meetings, supporting bills to disclose big money in politics, get more emission-free vehicles on the road in California, and stop the overuse of antibiotics in the livestock industry.

Lobbying at the Capitol has always been my favorite part of my involvement with CALPIRG. When I meet with our elected officials in Sacramento I get to see the impact of all the petition signatures and education events on campus. Senator Wolk's office was impressed to get so many petitions from UC Davis students and hear what we had to say!

Having a campus public interest group means that its not just the big powerful interests who have a voice in Sacramento, but every day people like you and me.


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