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UC Goes Solar! Congrats!


We are really excited that the University of California announced today a massive investment in solar energy!

As we witness the effects of global warming in our lives today- from the forest fire currently raging in Yosemite, to the worst drought in our history, it is clear we need to take action to fight climate change.

In California we still get about 80% of our energy from fossil fuels, even though we live in one of the sunniest places in the world.

Today's announcement will mean about 72,000 metric tons less global warming pollution will be poured into the air every year from our campuses. (Or equivalent to about 15 thousand fewer cars on the road each year). That is worth celebrating!

Lets use this momentum to make solar power affordable and accessible for all Californians.

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Textbook Prices = Outrageous!

By | Ethan Senack
Higher Education Advocate

It’s that time of year again. Back to school means hitting the campus bookstore for new textbooks.

Unfortunately, we’re about to get hit with the annual sticker shock of high textbook prices. $200 for one book? Outrageous.

Here’s the deal: we can stand up to high prices and help change the textbook industry. It won’t be easy, but we’re making progress.

Tweet today why you think textbook prices are outrageous!

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Check this out

By | Emily Rusch
CALPIRG Executive Director

I think you’ll find this really cool -- and probably a bit alarming.

We just put together a scrolling infographic to illustrate the growing threat of antibiotics, and what we can do about it. 

Take a look, then help spread the word – and take action if you haven’t already.

WANTED: Summer Staff and Interns


Even though finals are upon us, our work to fight global warming and protect public health is just ramping up.  Yesterday, the California senate approved the Charge Ahead California bill for a Million Clean Cars to help California lead in the fight against global warming. The bill now heads to the Assembly. Standing up to opposition from oil companies and special interests, on this and other issues, is going to take ongoing student action throughout the summer.  We're looking for staff, interns and volunteers to join this and other campaign efforts for the summer.

Sign up to volunteer or intern this summer!

The public supports taking strong action to fight global warming, now we need to make sure our elected officials listen. I hope you join us this summer!

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