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Happy Election Day!

Join the millions of students who are voting this year. By voting in big numbers we can raise the voices of young people, together.

Polls are open 7:00am - 8:00pm

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Help Get Out the Vote in the Last 48 Hours


Election Day is around the corner and there's nothing scarier than missing the chance to make your voice heard!

Our New Voters Project is working to make sure students have the information they need to cast their votes this Election.  Help us by signing up to volunteer at one of our Get Out the Vote Reminder Phonebanks.

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Tell us your student debt story and we'll deliver it to the US Department of Education in Anaheim, CA next week.

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36 Hours to Win $2500!


How did you cover the cost of textbooks? Did you get a second job? Did you sell your car?

Tell us how you cover the cost of your textbooks each semester. Make it funny, make it touching - just make it - and enter to win a $2,500 textbook scholarship!  


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