CALPIRG at UC Berkeley

Student Activism and Organizing Class/Training


Location: 78 Barrows

There are more probems than we should tolerate and more solutions than we implement! If you are a student that wants to change society and fight for the public or if you already are in another student group and want training, then this training series is for you. Come learn about different models of organizing, how to lobby, and the ettiquette with media. The classes are open to all - just drop in or call Tonina, your UC Berkeley trained orgaizer if you want to request a special training for your group.

CORE Meeting

Tuesday 7PM  

Location: Dwinelle (Room TBA)

Campaign Meetings

Mondays at 6PM for New Voters Project and Mondays at 7PM for Bag Ban! They are both held in our office on the 3rd floor of Eschelman. 



Get Involved!

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Campus Organizer: Tonina Bellante

We are UC Berkeley students' public interest group, and have been since 1976. Because 10% of the student body supports our work, we get real results. For example, last year, we convinced the Berkeley City Council to get 50% of its energy from solar power by 2030. Other victories include registering 8,000 Golden Bears to vote, passing a bill to make textbooks more affordable, and getting $36 billion in financial aid directly to students (through Pell grants). We offer opportunities for you to become an intern or volunteer, where you can learn a variety of skills while really making a difference. By joining CALPIRG, you can see how easy it is to get involved in a large movement for social change.

This semester, we're working on...

  • Registering new voters, and getting out the vote this election! 
  • Saving our ban on single use plastic grocery bags by encouraging a YES vote on Prop 67!
  • Saving the bees!

Students' support can go a long way

The thing that makes us so effective is that 10% of our students pledge to pay $10 on their bill every semester to fund CALPIRG. When we share our resources, we can stand up to powerful opposition that generate enough profit to influence lawmakers in their favor with ease. Students' contributions help us make students’ voices just as influential, allowing us to hire our own professional staff to train students to run effective campaigns as well as advocate in Sacramento and Washington DC full time on our behalf. 

Pledging CALPIRG

If you have questions about our CALPIRG pledge system, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page. 

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